Speak It Into Existence

Let’s get real sometimes you need to talk yourself into things. You need to tell the universe whats brewing in your brain in order to get the idea out and get it in motion. Scream it if you have to but please put it out into the world and work on it every single day and by all means trust the process.

Remember that thing you wanted to accomplish but you were unsure and scared to take the plunge? Whether it was what seemed like a crazy business idea or something that you really wanted. I bet you told someone about it and talked about it a lot to feel more secure about doing it, and eventually you put your foot down and told your self to just do it and boom it actually worked out. Well my friend you spoke about it and put it out into the universe and kaboom it all worked out.

This is a common occurrence in my life because I firmly believe in speaking things into existence. I want to talk about it, teach it, live it, and breathe it. I want to put out into the world what I want and see for myself. I may not be able to see it yet but if I talk about it and allow myself to resonate my mind body and soul in my vision and put my words into actions I can reach for anything.

The sky is literally the limit these days with several directions to go. This is the era where high school, college, then career is NOT the norm any longer. We are a generation of options!! From side hustles, brand building, and making your own company you can really focus on bringing out your inner boss. You can go zero to one hundred quickly from your finger tips if you utilize your phone correctly.

The internet has taken making money to a new level and I don’t know about you but I’m jumping on board and self educating myself with all this free knowledge available to us. You know just fall down the YouTube rabbit hole from time to time.

What really fuels my love and hunger for being a successful entrepreneur personally is all the freedom and time I have to spend with my 3 babies. I’m so proud of this because I spoke about this for many years. I cried for it, prayed hard, and held my faith that one day I was going to have all the time in the world for my kids. It was like a dying wish to stop working my 9 to 5 accounting job and just be home with them. Let me tell you this want had me talking to myself, the universe, and everyone out loud all the damn time.

One day I dove right into the pool without knowing if I would sink or swim and by doing so I now do what makes me feel unstoppable. After everything I went through to become self employed I now make sure I speak my goals into the universe and own them. Why you might ask? Because this time I’m claiming it!! Whatever it is I want in business, in love, in life, or in regards to my kids, I am claiming it and will make that plan to achieve it. No more excuses because if you can think it and you believe in it hard enough you can claim it, the world is yours.

I feel like if you want something bad enough and you are taking all the right little baby steps to get there, well guess what chances are eventually you will. It’s pretty damn simple when you think about it and many times it’s all the over thinking we do that really builds a wall between our reality and our goals. This year take some time to break down your walls because dang you built them!!

This is the year to believe in yourself and your self taught ability to evolve and map out your future. Take some time out to visualize what your future looks like in a year with the same habits. Now say what you want to be different and set yourself up with the goals to be on your way. Speak and believe that you can jump and then learn how to swim along the way because we don’t always have it all figured out.

With today’s opportunities we should live as if we can’t afford to not seek and discover our true potential. So speak your truth, visualize your potential, write down your goals, and repeat after me “I don’t have it all figured out, but pretty soon I will!”

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