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The Historic Railroad Hiking Trail Located in Boulder City

Among the many hidden gems here in Las Vegas, Nevada this one by far has one of the best and most unique scenic experiences! Located lakeside near the Alan Bible visitor center where you will find free parking and entrance to the south end of the trail. The views on the drive towards the trail are amazing showcasing the beauty of Lake mead with a breathtaking mountain setting.

The Historic Trail has it all with stunning and gorgeous panoramic views that will stimulate you positively. In the simplest of ways you can naturally bring relief to your mind, body, and soul. By spending time outside you can lower your cortisol levels which are stress markers that make us feel more anxious and stressed over certain situations. A simple walk could help our bodies release less cortisol and more natural endorphins helping promote happy thoughts and good feelings. We all need a boost once in a while! So get here and get your natural stress reliever on!

A short distance of 35 mins from the Las Vegas strip will get you on an adventure unlike anything else located in Las Vegas. You can walk, run, bicycle or even push a stroller on this flat easy trail helping you easily get out and get active. Team no excuses!! This Trail is good for any level at any age.

Get ready to take in all the beauty as you head 7.5 miles towards Hoover Dam through 5 amazing wheel chair accessible tunnels. All tunnels are a huge and over sized at 25 feet in diameter originally made to fit large equipment and concrete in 1931 that was transported for the construction of the Hoover Dam. Years later they removed the old tracks and made the ultimate hiking path great for the whole family.

I recommend taking the hike with some extra comfy walking shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty because at the end of the hike ours were pretty beat up. My kids were in awe as we hit the first tunnel. For a second they were totally freaked out of the dark huge mysterious cave they actually had to walk through, but as they ran through you could see the look of observation as they stopped to study the walls and of course look for bats. Such a rare sight had us pushing on and looking forward to each tunnel that was coming up and we made it all the way to the end of tunnel 5. Make sure to bring lots of water and if you have kiddos I highly recommend bringing some snacks for energy and your bribery game to make them walk the rest of the way back to the car.

During this beautiful experience don’t forget to take a deep breathe and breathe out all the tension life sometimes adds on our shoulders and disconnect. After the walk I hope you feel re-energized and motivated to conquer your next adventure. Life has so much to offer us but only if you willing to seek it out and follow it through. Get inspired and stay motivated!

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