Looking For Free Snow Play Near Las Vegas?

Bring The Kids & Don’t Forget The Snacks!!

Come here for mother nature and get lost in all of her beauty!! With a gorgeous drive up you can enjoy views for days in this must see spot. A short 45 to 50 min drive from the Las Vegas Nevada strip will make you feel like you just entered into a whole new state! With great timing each year you can enjoy a beautiful white winter wonderland you can add to your vacation or stay cation because it is located in our very own back yard!

A favorite destination of mine where I love to immerse my self in the blanket of bright white enchantment is merely a short stop right before entering into The Lee Canyon Ski Resort which is located at 6725 Lee Canyon Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89124. If you do get a chance and are looking for advanced snowboarding areas, give the ski resort a try. The Ski resort is great with several runs & areas for sledding, snowboarding, snowshoeing, skiing, tubing, and eating but all offered for a fee.

Shhhh about 5 mins before you hit Lee Canyon Ski Resort you will be able to enjoy FREE snow play. Yes I said free, I mean come on you already spent a bunch of money on clothes,gear, and snow sleds right? I am definitely guilty of this! Put the address of Lee Canyon in the GPS, if you hit the round about you went to far simply turn back around and eyeball the type of spot your looking for and pull to the side of the street, parking your car legally (Just follow the crowd) and make sure you are completely off the road. Here you will find an abundance of snow covered mountains great for children of all ages and perfect for sledding and practice runs for the beginner snowboarder.

Snow play is often best on weekdays and during the early morning on weekends so be sure to plan accordingly to beat the crowds. The best time of the year to visit the snow depends greatly on the weather and can be difficult to track, make sure to check the climate before you plan your trip by visiting the National Weather Service website below.


The Season varies from year to year based on the snowfall we receive. Typically, snow play is best in late November and will usually stay open through the end of February, sometimes as late as mid March. Check out the live webcams also located on the National Weather Service Website for real time shots of the surrounding areas.

Wondering What To Bring?

For starters make sure you dress the part in order to enjoy the snow the longest no one wants to be cold and cranky. Even when the sun is shinning the air can be harsh and cold so be prepared and avoid getting wet. Want your kids to stay happy make sure little feet stay dry! Pack the essentials:

  • Snow Boots
  • Warm Socks (Water resistant is a plus)
  • Snow bib or snow suit with jacket
  • Clothes underneath to keep you warm
  • Extra clothes (In case you get wet)
  • Hat and Gloves


I’m that over packing mom when it comes to taking my kids to the snow because for one i’m a cool mom and well why not. I cant possibly forget the snow sled, snowboards, buckets, shovels, snow man outfit with a carrot nose from Target (Don’t tell my husband I bought that). Most important don’t forget THE SNACKS!!! The snow can be so tiring and the day can end really quick if you don’t pack some energy filled snacks to pull out right before the kids start getting wiped out. Surprise! Anyone need a snickers! Also you will be dehydrated bring water and your favorite beverages before driving up. Most of all have the best time breathing in the fresh air, and experiencing the amazing mountain tops filled with breath taking views.

This place is a must see!!

It is the perfect day trip you wont want to miss out on and as we creep into mid February in 2020 you might want to act fast as temps are rising. Before you know it we will be entering into the oven of summer. Plan your next trip and get out of the city and get the adventure started!

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