The New Normal in Las Vegas

The casino staff has left the building and the strip has closed down for the first time since 1963!

April 8th, 2020 the state of Nevada has reported 2,131 cases of COVID-19, an increase of 35 new cases since the day before, putting Nevada 26th on the list of states for the most cases. Out of 2131 cases 1,878 cases are from Clark County alone! 72 deaths in Nevada have been reported with 54 being from Clark County. Doors and windows of many businesses on and off the strip are boarded up and popular gathering zones are officially closed to the public. The water of The Bellagio fountain remains still along with all other attractions on the strip.

The bright lights and huge LED signs that normally display delicious food and must see venues now broadcast messages encouraging everyone to stay home and stay safe! Our town built on tourist traffic from around the world has been filled with anxiety as the roads fall silent and McCarran International Airport shuts down all gates at two concourses in response to declined air traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this crisis you are sure to see more Vegas strong signs as a reminder that we will all get through these tough and trying times together.

If Vegas is your happy place this will definitely make you sad!! The economic climate here in Las Vegas is eerie as all gambling has come to a sudden halt and day by day is causing drastic changes in our beautiful city both on and off the strip. Many people in Las Vegas and all over the world were not financially prepared to handle an outbreak such as this leaving thousands without jobs and left with little to no money to survive.

The fat lady is singing and the party has definitely ceased as we are all ordered to social distance ourselves from anyone outside of our immediate household. This has put a major damper on weddings and other important celebrations like graduation that we all cherish in life. Such events are now encouraged to be cancelled until further notice.

Birthday parties have turned into birthday no contact drive by parades and people are flocking to a growing digital world to keep from feeling lonely and depressed. Children are having a hard time coping with current changes as parents try to keep things as fun and normal as possible to avoid lasting physiological effects of the pandemic. All over the television, radio, and all over the city the virus pops up and we are in a constant reminder of the new reality we are living in. Whats worse is that some children are missing the only safe place from home they had which is school, as domestic violence and child abuse percentages are on the rise. Education continues to be at a stand still and suffers as CCSD staff and school district’s from all over the world try to navigate new waters. Parents are doing the best they can to learn how to teach and remain optimistic while wondering just how much farther this will go.

Governor Sisolak issued a statewide stay-at-home order, making Nevada the 38th state to do so. He ordered closure of non-essential businesses including recreational spaces that we all love to visit. Say a temporary good bye to bars, museums, movie theaters, gyms, day cares, indoor parks, music venues, and malls. Personal care retailers like spas, nail and hair salons, barber shops and as of today home salons have also been deemed non- essential and ordered to be closed making it pretty hard to live your best life these days. Clothing stores are…. you guessed it closed and shopping is now mainly done online, but when you receive your package I have been told to let it sit for 3 days or Lysol it before touching. Crazy right!

Grocery store shelves are bare due to panic buyers and going into an essential store requires you to stand in line as they are limiting the amount of shoppers inside the store and also limiting the amount per family on several items. While standing in line you will see everything from masks and gloves to home made contraptions worn in hopes to stop the stupidity… I mean virus.

Restaurants are ordered to close dining rooms and only offer takeout or delivery in which the public is still worrisome and skeptical about eating out due to fears of the spreading corona virus. The outbreak has infected well over 555,000 people and the spread has left several businesses around the world crippled wondering how they will pull things together to cover operating costs. Small business owners fear they may not recover from such a decline as they are taking major losses right now.

But what’s better? An economical shutdown long enough to ensure the virus is in the past? or several restrictions on everyday life in order to lower the risk of widespread infection? This is one for the history books and as we all live through this time in history and see how things will pan out we must all remember to continue to live!

Take this time to be grateful for the little things that never use to cross your mind like reaching for a public door handle without needing to quickly sanitize or being able to greet someone with a proper handshake or hug instead of being told to stay 6 feet away. The Vegas strip has always been ever changing. Maybe this is the new change we needed and we will need to adjust accordingly. Change isn’t always easy or fun but it happens daily in many forms. Appreciate your home and who you are able to share it with because many people live in smaller spaces or don’t have one at all. Focus on the positive and learn to build from there because life is a blessing! Apply gratitude towards creating your new and improved routine. Mindset is everything right now so plan ahead, set goals for each week, and keep your life from feeling like you are floating. Life can change completely in a matter of days so be prepared, stay positive, and learn to adjust to the changing environments and grow.

We are Vegas Strong!

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