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  • This is 2020 Crypto Currency is Taking Over: Ethereum 2.0

    Crypto currency IS ON FIRE and gives you the ability to make money work for you! 🔥

    Multiple Streams People!!!

    If you want to make money fast you are in the right place!! Keep on reading!

    The holidays are officially around the corner and the pressure is on as parents and families stress over affording to buy gifts and decor.

    My heart goes out to everyone this holiday season because we have all been effected by the pandemic this year in different ways.

    2020 will be one to remember for years to come because of all the hardships thrown at us as we were forced to keep moving forward into the unknown.

    Not knowing when things will open back up or lockdown again has been causing so much stress on those who really need to work in order to stay afloat. We are told to stay home and away from our loved ones in order to be safe, making this day in age difficult for everyone.

    Parents have tried the hardest to keep the sense of normalcy in the household although battered with the new distance learning methods and taking on the roll as the new teacher in town.

    While we have all had to adjust to the new Covid lifestyle one thing that has kept us on our toes is the fact that we still have to continue to pay the bills and survive.

    We all know by now that no one will be coming to save us and that planning for the future is just about the only sense of security we can create for ourselves these days.

    Have you figured out yet that the most important thing a person should be doing is making sure they have money set aside for the unknown?

    If not you are amongst the many in the world that did not plan a safety blanket to aid them when the pandemic hit and that is ok because I’m here to show you some ways that you can get ahead this month.

    Need extra money for bills?

    Need money to go all out on Christmas this year?

    Do you just flat out need to survive?

    Here is something you can do to get one step closer to financial freedom and rid yourself of stress.

    Invest in the Cryptocurrency Ethereum and purchase smart contracts on the Forsage Platform.

    Now this one I was VERY skeptical about doing but I’m an investor at heart and couldn’t pass up anything involving cryptocurrency. I’m also all for having multiple streams of income and this one helps me do just that. You can make money a few different ways on the platform depending on your work ethic.

    This platform is peer to peer and helps you build Ethereum which is the 2nd largest crypto currency under Bitcoin and it is going up in value!

    I know crypto can be confusing but when I see several people making $12k on this Ethereum platform in less then 30 days I had to give it a go.

    I missed the Bitcoin train but I definitely didn’t want to miss out on Ethereum.

    I’m all about helping people grow their income streams and become financially secure! So let me just spill the tea!



    This is going to help you reach that goal!!

    With Ethereum rising rapidly EVERY DAY, the cost to join is also increasing so jumping in sooner is better. 🚨🚨🚨

    If you have been following my side hustle on Facebook and Instagram I recommend checking out this video to give you an idea of how it works.

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    Im impressed by how fast you can earn while also helping friends and family benefit from this incredible peer-to-peer platform.

    You earn in 4 ways on Forsage and yes you can make money in your sleep!

    1. Direct referrals — the people you refer into the system with your link

    2. Spillover — earnings that come as a result of spillovers from your upline

    3. Overflows — earnings from your lower partners

    4. Ethereum Value Gains— When the price of Ethereum increases in value so does your money

    The way forsage is designed, you still earn even if you don’t refer that much. These earnings come from spillovers and overflows.

    When you are ready to make some money send me an email with all of your questions!!


    You can also get right to it by clicking this link and follow the directions to sign up.

    📉Ethereum (crypto) has now jumped up to approximately $560 per ETH coin in the last few days.

    JUMP IN FOR AS LITTLE AS $57 or as much as 100k right now! 😱

    The more eth you purchase = Growth in Value 🚀🚀🚀

    If you would like to think about it and watch how the Ethereum coin is performing right now use this link and download this app👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    You will get $25 USD just for signing up 🙂

    I am not a financial advisor but, I can show you the facts:

    ⚠️ FACT: If you had invested $100 in Bitcoin at this stage, you would have 74 MILLION right now!

    ⚠️FACT: Eth is out performing and growing at a quicker rate than Bitcoin did!

    ⚠️Fact: Investors are moving their bitcoin over to ETH right now!

    👉 Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin — and it’s won a host of dedicated investors over the years. 

    ⚠️FACT: Bitcoin did not have a platform to help you acquire more money instantly and indefinitely, but we do have that platform and it’s exploding. 🤯🤯🤯

    I’m only working with those who want to invest in their future finances and are seriously looking for FINANCIAL FREEDOM. 💵💵💵

    Like every business 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    **Income Disclaimer – There are no guarantees when it comes to earning income. The success or failure of each (like in any other business) depends upon each individuals skillset & personal effort*

  • 5 Ways to Make an Income During the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Have you woken up this week and felt like you are living the same day over and over? If so you are not alone! Life has shifted drastically for many as we all continue to process current events. The hysteria surrounding the corona virus pandemic has effected countless households and continues to create an unforeseeable future.

    In the wake of this crisis we are left feeling major uncertainty when it comes to our professional lives and finances. The US economy is forcing businesses to close, lay off workers, and cut hours to maintain overhead. Several families are feeling emotionally exhausted and worried about what lies ahead. The need for fast cash has become so great that it is beyond what strict budgeting can do for you.

    If you were effected by such situations or just flat out don’t feel safe leaving the house and would like to start creating additional income streams, i’m here to tell you that you have options. Pour yourself a glass of optimism and remember that mindset is key here..

    5 possibilities for you to start generating a supplemental source of income.

    Who doesn’t want to enjoy the perks of no long term commitment, setting ones own hours, while capitalizing on a money making opportunity. Have you ever made money while you sleep? Number one on our list is selling your pre-loved clothes and shoes online. This can help you stay afloat when the bills come knocking while keeping a healthy social distance between you and your customer. If you have children chances are they have outgrown several clothes and shoes that can still be worn again. Clothing and shoes are usually small and light weight which make for easy low cost shipping.

    With several selling platforms out there to use here are some of my favorites for clothes and shoes

    Mercari, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, Let go, Thred-up.

    Tips When Selling Online:

    • Use flat rate boxes that are pre priced and work the shipping cost into your asking price then offer free shipping

    • Take several photos of your items and packages including screen shots of messages and tracking numbers. Lots of scammers and you may need this later.

    • The pictures you post of your product are extremely important and should be clean, clear, and appealing to your target audience.

    • Have fun! Like every side hustle you will need to put in the work in order to see results.

    Try this out and you are almost guaranteed to be introduced to a new revenue stream that has infinite growth potential.

    Next up

    Here is a unique way to get some cash for your old and even broken phones while saving the planet.

    Almost instantly you can receive some cash by using an Eco ATM Kiosk to recycle your device.

    You will need to search for an Eco ATM Kiosk near you by visiting

    After you have located the Kiosk closest to you take proper precautions by factory resetting your old phone before exchanging it for cash. The price is given based on condition, model, and current value so don’t expect a whole lot out of this side hustle, nothing this easy will do much but it can help. As always don’t forget to wash your hands and avoid touching your face after using the machine. If you don’t have a machine in your area check out these additional options for selling used electronics:



    Number 3 on the list is Stock Investing

    Before you dive right in, the reality is that trading for a living is a tough job, one that requires a very specific skill set and risk tolerance.

    This income stream requires you to spend some serious time educating yourself about everything related to trading. Day trading or swing trading for a living does not fund itself and so you’ll need a significant amount of capital just to get started as a professional trader.

    Learning how to make money trading stocks will take time, but is an achievable goal. Getting started and making money trading stocks are two different things. If you’re new to the game, follow these steps to set yourself up for success as you gain experience:

    TIPS When Just Starting Out

    Research market trends and focus on a small area of the market as you gain experience as a trader. Look for reputable sources where you can stay current on breaking news and study how the news effects the stock market. Continue doing ongoing research to gain understanding of which companies are worth investing in and why.

    Create a strategy that takes advantage of the short-term fluctuations in the value of each stock. Learn when to invest, how to read the charts, and how to stay emotionally balanced while trading.

    Create an account with a trading website that you feel comfortable with. Research is key here so make sure you do your due diligence and read reviews and BBB ratings to assure the website is reputable. My recommended trading websites are TD Ameritrade and Robinhood to name a few. TD Ameritrade also offers several how to trading videos you can watch to get all the details.

    • Practice makes perfect and so before you start using real money you can put your strategy to the test by paper trading first. This will help you get familiar with how trades are placed and what decisions you will make when a stock is up or down.

    This can be a little overwhelming so if this just isn’t for you we are moving on to number 4.

    Make Money Blogging

    Now is the time to start your blogging career! If you are stuck at home and deemed non- essential you have time to be productive.

    When you visit any website you will notice several Google ads. These ads are everywhere, and for good reason. Not only are they easy to set up on any basic website, but they can bring in a steady income stream. This is one way to monetize your blog which is the ultimate goal if your pursuing a profit.

    Getting started is the hard part when working to blog for profit. You will need to pick a hosting platform for your blog and brainstorm ideas and themes in regards to which direction you want to take. Word press is the current platform many bloggers use today. The number of total active websites is estimated at over 1.3 billion. it is really easy to build your website and it is definitely user friendly. Click here to get you started on word press today!

    After choosing your platform you will need to get a little creative here and make an appealing website to attract visitors, keeping them engaged and coming back for more. You can do so by choosing a niche you can get a lot of content out of and begin driving traffic from social media. Also hit the ground running by telling friends and family to subscribe to your blog.

    After you have created a website and you have started posting on your blog feed here are some more ways you can monetize your blog to make money.

    Tips to MONETIZE your blog

    Add an online course or workshop to create a stream of income by teaching others about a topic related to your niche. People like buying online courses, even when they can find the same information for free. Your online course should be easy to follow and convenient for your target audience.

    Offer life, personal, or business coaching to teach prospects how to set and attain goals, overcome challenges, or avoid risks in ways they can put to work instantly. Prove your expertise through the content you create on a regular basis. Use blogging to increase your prospects success,

    Sign up for affiliate marketing by partnering with brands and businesses that relates to the content of your website. If you mention a product or service, you link to that product or service using a unique affiliate code you receive when you sign up for that program. By doing so you will make money any time someone buys a product or service through your link. Simple as that!

    Some other ways to monetize your blog to make money is by selling ad space on your site, advertising yourself as a freelance writer, or selling E-books. Blogging is most useful when you seek to help others with the content you create so make sure your blog is making an impact.

    Last on our list of how to make money from home during the covid-19 pandemic is by doing freelance work.

    freelancing for profit

    Getting started as a freelancer gives you a lot of room for growth and freedom. You work your own hours and choose the type of jobs you will do for someone and how much you will get paid in exchange.

    Websites like Fiver offer a great platform to get your work in front of people who are looking for that type of service.

    Here are some examples freelancing

    Graphic designing can make money by creating and editing logos, business cards, flyers, and all kinds of advertisements for businesses. You can also create and sell already made websites for a good chunk of change.

    • Become a Virtual assistant by helping to perform a variety of tasks for businesses such as scheduling blog posts, SEO, managing social media accounts, accounting/ book keeping, or customer service.

    • Offer online tutoring via video sessions or live chat. You can also use this option to teach a foreign language. Due to the pandemic teaching children can be a viable option since home schooling is at an all time high.

    The Facts Prove that you have options!

    With a ridiculous number of ways to make money online, the ones I’ve listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are passionate in your niche and have minimal creative skill, you may be able to build an online empire with much room to grow. It all boils down to how much time and focus you are willing to put into your goals. If you want to be successful start living intentionally and get your side hustle on!

    I hope this list pumped you up and motivated you to get started on building your next stream of income! If you have any questions leave me a comment below and if you enjoyed this blog please share it…I would really appreciate that!

    Stay Blessed!

  • The Importance of Having Multiple Streams of Income

    It’s as important as, stop everything right now and get some goals written down on paper as to how you will tackle this crucial task!

    Not only will an extra stream of income come in handy to help you pay down debt faster and live more comfortably, but you will also have the ability to form more streams of income with that additional stream of income.

    Crazy talk right? More like the truth serum we all need to hear because more money brings more opportunity. Or as the common saying goes; spend money to make more money. More streams of income equals more ways to create, produce, excel, grow, prosper, and enjoy your deserved freedom. Don’t be afraid to juggle more and add extra things to your plate of responsibilities, especially if you want to be extra! In my eyes this is what’s needed to live your very best life!

    An additional stream of income is vital and possibly more important then having an emergency savings. A side hustle can potentially create limitless earnings, while your savings account can easily be depleted.

    I feel the best business to create are those that make you feel like the sky is the limit. Starting a business that excites you and gets you all worked up about your next move are the real winners. But don’t be discouraged you may not find or create them right away. As long as you are able to visualize what life could look like while having multiple streams of income should set off a fire in your soul to search for and work toward the end goal.

    Not only is having multiple sources a survival technique, it’s also a way to build wealth. If your job suffers, say you lose hours at work, you can have your additional stream of income to pick up the slack. No stress needed! Also keep in mind that the majority of self-made millionaires all have more then 2 sources of income.

    Yes we are all guilty at one point in our lives for focusing on that one stream of income that forms the invisible comfort bubble around us. Treating it like a big baby and giving it all of our time and attention leaving you with no additional time seems like. You know the one that pays the bills and pays for the extra guacamole you love. Important I know! But what you should know is that although you have that miracle working stream funding your lifestyle, you also need that money maker that will fund your future hopes and dreams. I hope you have some! (hopes and dreams that is). That awesome 9 to 5 with the cool co-workers unfortunately isn’t going to cut it these days. Not only is it not going to cut it but you should also not settle anywhere near that! As harsh as this may sound, everyone is replaceable at the end of the day. Scary thoughts I know, but don’t get all worked up and stressed, instead take the proper steps to finding out who your inner entrepreneur is.

    Maybe you have never even met that side of you yet, or maybe you think that’s just not you, and that’s totally ok, but you will never know unless you try.

    I want nothing more then to get you motivated and confident enough to be able to plan for extra streams of income and work on them every single day if that’s the path you chose to take. I want these extra streams of income to be just as comforting as your normal 9 to 5 if not more comforting. Your side hustle can’t fire you or deny you a day off (just saying).

    I know your reading this and your thinking well what the heck else can I do? I know because I have been in your shoes and I’m here to tell you that the beginning is tough. No I’m not here to have you join my team and sell any awesome products nor can I help you get rich quick, i’m simply here to share with you the importance of having more then one hustle and share with you my experience in doing so. You dont have to be average and follow the go to college, graduate, get a job routine that is ages old in order to be successful. You don’t have to earn like the average person or experience the same boring routine everyday.

    Awaken that money making motivated individual you have built up inside of you. It can be a lot to think about at first and even more so tough because you will now open your mind and start wondering what it is that you are passionate about that could potentially help you build your 2nd stream of income. Some may even be wondering how can I make my first stream of income and quit my 9 to 5 altogether. Which is completely possible with time, effort, sacrifice, and an action packed plan. So possible in fact I am living proof as I quit my boring, well paid accounting job to follow this path. I know it only works if your willing to put in the extra work and do what others won’t.

    Change your mindset and lifestyle shift your attitude to fit your future goals. You truly will have to become your own motivator. Your boss is not going to help you build your side hustle, therefore it’s time to become your own boss! Being an entrepreneur by experience is not for the weak minded or easily Influenced. Create your own path and build your own empire. You need to have common sense and a huge sense of humor for the amount of times you will fail, all while pushing yourself to start up once more without giving up. Prove to yourself that you are a winner and you are choosing to stand out from the crowd and do it for your number one cheerleader. Yourself!

    While I’m not a millionaire or billionaire yet, I know I will be someday and I know I will give thanks to the multiple streams of income I’ve created over time. I’m proud to say I am self employed, self-made and live comfortably off of the streams of income I have built thus far and I’m driven to say, this is just the beginning.

    What initially started as hunger to spend more time with my children and less time sitting at a desk has grown and flourished into something beautiful that is powerful and something I feel should be shared. So I encourage you to start now, allow yourself to grow, and get these streams of income ideas out of your mind and put them to the test. If you fail get back up and start again…You got this!

    Below I’ll list some ideas and side hustles I have personally started and have grown from the ground up in order to help get the ideas flowing.

    Always remember that you can do anything you put your mind to as long as you have an open mind.

    My Top 10 Businesses You Can Start Right Now With Low Start Up Costs:

    ⁃ Become a reseller and sell used items in good condition on Poshmark, Mercari, EBay, Offer Up, Let go, or Facebook Marketplace

    ⁃ Create a sellers account on Amazon and Learn the Amazon FBA Business Model (Private Label or Retail Arbitrage)

    ⁃ Drive for Uber or Lyft

    ⁃ Deliver for Postmates

    ⁃ Freelance work on Fiverr (Build Websites, Design Logos, Create Flyers, Make Business Cards)

    ⁃ Create a blog and monetize

    ⁃ Sell handmade products on Etsy or create your own website such as Shopify or Wix

    ⁃ Start your own personal training or group fitness training

    ⁃ Learn how to invest in the stock market

    ⁃ Flip cars for profit

    Thank you for visiting stay tuned, and keep an eye out for more awesome content and don’t forget to stay motivated!

    Last stop hit the subscribe button were just getting started! Stay blessed.

  • Speak It Into Existence

    Let’s get real sometimes you need to talk yourself into things. You need to tell the universe whats brewing in your brain in order to get the idea out and get it in motion. Scream it if you have to but please put it out into the world and work on it every single day and by all means trust the process.

    Remember that thing you wanted to accomplish but you were unsure and scared to take the plunge? Whether it was what seemed like a crazy business idea or something that you really wanted. I bet you told someone about it and talked about it a lot to feel more secure about doing it, and eventually you put your foot down and told your self to just do it and boom it actually worked out. Well my friend you spoke about it and put it out into the universe and kaboom it all worked out.

    This is a common occurrence in my life because I firmly believe in speaking things into existence. I want to talk about it, teach it, live it, and breathe it. I want to put out into the world what I want and see for myself. I may not be able to see it yet but if I talk about it and allow myself to resonate my mind body and soul in my vision and put my words into actions I can reach for anything.

    The sky is literally the limit these days with several directions to go. This is the era where high school, college, then career is NOT the norm any longer. We are a generation of options!! From side hustles, brand building, and making your own company you can really focus on bringing out your inner boss. You can go zero to one hundred quickly from your finger tips if you utilize your phone correctly.

    The internet has taken making money to a new level and I don’t know about you but I’m jumping on board and self educating myself with all this free knowledge available to us. You know just fall down the YouTube rabbit hole from time to time.

    What really fuels my love and hunger for being a successful entrepreneur personally is all the freedom and time I have to spend with my 3 babies. I’m so proud of this because I spoke about this for many years. I cried for it, prayed hard, and held my faith that one day I was going to have all the time in the world for my kids. It was like a dying wish to stop working my 9 to 5 accounting job and just be home with them. Let me tell you this want had me talking to myself, the universe, and everyone out loud all the damn time.

    One day I dove right into the pool without knowing if I would sink or swim and by doing so I now do what makes me feel unstoppable. After everything I went through to become self employed I now make sure I speak my goals into the universe and own them. Why you might ask? Because this time I’m claiming it!! Whatever it is I want in business, in love, in life, or in regards to my kids, I am claiming it and will make that plan to achieve it. No more excuses because if you can think it and you believe in it hard enough you can claim it, the world is yours.

    I feel like if you want something bad enough and you are taking all the right little baby steps to get there, well guess what chances are eventually you will. It’s pretty damn simple when you think about it and many times it’s all the over thinking we do that really builds a wall between our reality and our goals. This year take some time to break down your walls because dang you built them!!

    This is the year to believe in yourself and your self taught ability to evolve and map out your future. Take some time out to visualize what your future looks like in a year with the same habits. Now say what you want to be different and set yourself up with the goals to be on your way. Speak and believe that you can jump and then learn how to swim along the way because we don’t always have it all figured out.

    With today’s opportunities we should live as if we can’t afford to not seek and discover our true potential. So speak your truth, visualize your potential, write down your goals, and repeat after me “I don’t have it all figured out, but pretty soon I will!”