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  • How to Make The Stimulus Check Work For You

    It’s official some relief is on its way and you are about to receive $600 bucks from the government as part of the massive 2.2 trillion stimulus bill.

    This second-round payment will be for $600 per eligible person, plus an additional $600 for each child. The bill was finally passed by Congress and signed by Trump to help stimulate the economy.

    Several households will have no choice but to use this long awaited money to put food on the table, or keep a roof over their heads, but if you are not financially distressed consider making this money work for you!


    If 2020 didn’t make you hustle please let this $600 put your butt in gear because $600 is really not shit! Excuse my language! This should open your eyes and prove to you that no one will be coming to your rescue. It is your job and responsibility to play your cards right and envision the bigger picture. Of course be grateful and then see it as an opportunity to start something that can put you in a better position financially speaking.

    I’m the biggest fan of leaving the 9 to 5 life and 2020 has taught many unfortunately just how temporary a 9 to 5 job can be. I was once a full time accountant for a million dollar company and I was making a great salary. But working 9 hour days away from my kids for 5 years really didn’t sit right with me anymore and I couldn’t waste another second of my life sitting at my desk wishing I was home with them. This strain to be home with them really lit my fire and fed my entrepreneurial spirit and pushed me to open my eyes to new opportunities.

    This is why I believe in helping others see their true potential and also become financially free. Helping them shape a mindset that pushes them towards starting multiple streams of income. Motivating people by showing others where I came from and what my situation looked like and how much it has changed for the better by taking a chance. The possibilities are endless when you see that the 9 to 5 route is not the only path to take just because society told you so.

    It’s time to create something that you can be proud of and no one can fire you or take away what you built from the ground up. Pushing yourself to achieve something greater helps you build character and discover your true passions in life.

    You need to love what you are doing as a side hustle for it to be successful for you. I always say treat it like it like a high paying job and it will eventually pay you like one.

    Creating a new stream of income will be done on your own time and outside office hours if you have a day job, so it will take a lot of energy and motivation to make it stick. Brainstorm side hustle ideas around your interests and skills to discover the best ventures to start or see if you can turn one of your hobby’s into a business. If you need some ideas I’ve listed 5 different routes you can take to make your money work for you.

    We have always been taught to trade our time for money and then spend our money on things in order to survive. I have discovered that all along the best thing you can possibly do for yourself is to trade your money for more money in order to grow your wealth.

    Number 1

    Buy smart contracts on the Ethereum block chain and utilize the Forsage crypto currency platform to set you up to make an infinite amount of money earned in Ethereum.

    Sounds complicated right? Nope!

    This way to make money has become so popular that several 1000’s of people have turned a small one time buy in on the platform and have come out the other end making six figures in as little as 3 to 6 months!

    That is amazingly impressive as 9 to 5 workers have to trade a years worth or more of time to make a salary that big.

    If you don’t know anything about this opportunity check out the link below👇🏻

    This platform not only helps you learn about trading Ethereum which is the second largest crypto currency in the world but also helps you earn commissions to increase your money so it can grow as Ethereum grows!

    4 Ways To Earn Money:

    💰Spillover – Random Money Deposited in your Token Pocket Wallet Instantly From People Earning Above You!

    💰Referral- Spreading the word to family and friends and giving them a chance to make money to!

    💰Overflow- From Your Equal and Lower Partners

    💰Ethereum Value Gains— When the price of Ethereum increases in value so does your money!

    Eth is growing exponentially as we speak and has hit an all time high of $950 per 1 Eth and quickly gaining.

    I do this while I run my businesses 👩‍💻

    I do this while being Super Mom of 3 kids👭🧍‍♂️

    I do this while home schooling👩‍🏫

    I earn money while I sleep😴

    You can do it while you work 👩‍🔧

    The opportunity is endless!!🚀🚀🚀🚀

    It’s so easy and money hits your wallet instantly!

    🙅‍♀️No bank holds

    🙅‍♀️No releasing your money in 3 to 5 business days!!

    This is Instant!!


    This one should be a no brainer but if you are unsure let’s move to the next one on our list.

    Number 2

    Start a business that you are passionate about!

    Maybe you are so good with fixing your own credit that you feel confident in your methods to also help others by creating a credit repair business.

    Let’s say you are really crafty and with a small investment you buy a vinyl cutter to help you make custom shirts, stickers, tumbler cups, and so on. You sell these on Etsy for a pretty profit and advertise on Instagram and Tik tok creating a lot of buzz and converting that traffic into sales. Cha-Ching!!

    So many businesses are out there waiting to be created it’s all a matter of who will take the time to plan one out and take action! Starting a new business can be scary and you will second guess yourself, but if it excites you and scares you all at the same time I’m here to tell you it’s probably worth it!

    If you are looking to start a business and want to get more in depth with the technical aspects of creating a legal business entity check out the link below where I discuss how to form a Sole Proprietorship, LLC, or Corporation.

    Number 3

    Have you seen people around you talking about investing in stocks but really you have no clue what the heck they mean.

    Which one do you buy?

    Where do you buy it?

    How long do you keep it?

    How do you make money?

    Stocks for one are very risky business and should not be taken lightly.

    Only invest in stocks that you have thoroughly researched and only invest money that you will be ok loosing!

    I will say though risky business can bring in some serious gains so don’t be afraid to dip your hands into this awesome way to make money work for you!

    If you would like to invest in stocks and get familiar with what’s out there to invest in click the link below and sign up for this app that is extremely user friendly and great for beginners.

    By using this link you will get a free stock to start you off!

    I will also be releasing a blog that goes more in depth into trading stocks, so be sure to sign up for our email newsletter to get the blog directly to your email.

    On this app you can look up popular companies like Tesla and Apple and buy shares and hold them. You can watch as your money grows when the stock grows.

    Confused on how this stream of income can make you money?

    Check out this example:

    The stock OCGN was only $0.76 cents per share and a news article was published saying it was going to partner with a larger company to help create the Covid-19 vaccine.

    I purchased 1000 shares which came out to $760

    The next day the stock went up to $2.53 per share so if you do the math: $2.53 x 1000 shares = $2530!!

    I more then doubled my investment by swing trading $760 in this stock and traded it right on time to lock in my profit.

    This is how you can potentially make a lot of money in the stock market with 1000’s of stocks to research and choose from.

    But be wise and do your due diligence and proceed at your own risk!

    Number 4.

    With the same idea as investing and trading stocks you can use that same knowledge and strategy to make money trading crypto currency.

    My 3 most favorite crypto currencies to trade for profit is of course the infinite Bitcoin, the fast growing Ethereum, and I also enjoy trading litecoin. All 3 of these currencies have been on the rise throughout all of 2020 and have hit all time highs in 2021 as they continue to rise. Invest in some of these currencies at the right time and you can make some major money.

    Back in 2010 If you would have invested only $100 bucks in Bitcoin you would now have over 75 million dollars!! How’s that for some incredibly life changing gains to really show you how your money can work for you!

    Now on this very same path Ethereum is headed in the same direction and is projected to one day be as expensive if not more expensive as bitcoin, making it a great investment to hold for the long haul.

    I don’t know about you but I’ll wait and hold Eth for 10 years if it could possibly bring me 75 million one day!

    If your interested in learning more about Ethereum check out my blog below where I explain what the heck it is and how much potential it has.

    If you would like to invest and get started trading crypto use this link to sign up. will give you $25 USD just for signing up!

    Number 5.

    Resell items for a profit.

    This has a low startup cost depending on what you have decided to flip.

    By flip I mean buy low and sell high to get a healthy marginal return on your initial investment. You can flip anything from cars, clothes, shoes, sports cards, and so much more. To keep things simple you can use your money to go to the goodwill and look for some name brand items that are in great condition for you to invest in. You will be surprised the type of things people donate!

    Research the items and make sure you can resell them at a good price point and list them on Offer up, Mercari, Poshmark, and other selling platforms and watch how fast you can turn a profit off of your investment.

    Then rinse and repeat this process to resell just about anything. Give this one a try and I promise you will get addicted!

    These 5 ways to make your money make more money really work and I have personally done and mastered them all myself!

    I have proven over an over that they can turn a small investment into big money!

    But remember it is all about having the right mindset to make a plan and take action.

    Consistency is key and you must be focused and willing to give each one everything you got to make it work. Treat it like a business and it will pay you like one!

    Here are 3 more bonus ideas that are smart ways to use your stimulus check.


    Invest it into a high interest savings account or add money into your Roth IRA. Your future self will thank you for both of these.

    Look into opening a Roth IRA so you can enjoy the tax free benefits and retire in style!

    Not sure what that is I keep my Roth IRA with the company Ameritrade which you can look into below.!2521!3!449441046881!e!!g!!ameritrade%20roth%20ira&


    Pay off any high interest credit card debt that could be making you spend more money then you need to.

    Becoming debt free is the ultimate goal so get started on that as soon as possible! When you make a plan and do this intentionally you can create a snowball effect until you are completely debt free. This will help boost your credit and put you in a better position financially.

    If you have debt on credit cards that are charging you interest at the end of each month, consider applying for a new card with a 0% interest APR and transfer your balances. Wanting to build your credit fast? Always pay more then your minimum payment!

    This will help you save money, boost your credit, build credit history, and create a higher credit line.


    Start a blog!

    Having your own website where you post blogs about what you are interested in such as this one can make you some major cash. By no means is it a get rich quick scheme but through time this can eventually generate a lot of money for you depending on how you monetize your website.

    You can make money several ways but here are a few easy ones to try out when first getting started.

    Google Adsense is an easy way to make money from your blog. All you need to do is add a script from Google to your website and start displaying ads. You will get paid every time someone clicks on the ad and you will also get paid for how many views the ad gets.

    Ebooks are another obvious choice for creating digital products and then sell them for profit. They are relatively simple to write and produce. If you’ve been blogging for a while, then you can collect some of your old blog posts and turn them into chapters of a book.

    Get paid via Affiliate marketing which is when you recommend a product or service to your audience using special tracking links, and then get a referral commission for every time someone buys after clicking your link.

    These are just a few ways to make you some extra cash utilizing your blog site.

    All in all making money as a side hustle really boils down to what you like as an individual and how you choose to spend your time working on it. For me personally having multiple streams of income is really important and more so during this crazy pandemic. I have personally tried and continue to use all of the methods of making money that I have listed above and can vouch for each ones effectiveness. If you are motivated, hungry for a change, and are willing to put wants aside to make things happen I can assure you that you will someday become financially free! Stay blessed and build your empire!


  • Ethereum Price Prediction~ Will it Rise like Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is no longer the only cryptocurrency trading at all time highs this year!

    Ethereum also known as Ether or Eth has been in the spotlight BIG TIME creating such excitement surrounding the topic.

    Ethereum uses a tradeable currency called ether, which can be used to pay fees on the network.

    The two go hand in hand and have gained its investors the most rapidly growing profit of all cryptocurrencies and it is not likely that it will disappoint current and future investors.

    During time periods of Bitcoin’s value falling unpredictably and losing its sense of stability, frustrated investors have become more and more interested in Ether for its comparably more stable position in the market as well as its consistency.

    Big banks, tech giants, and other organizations including Chase Bank, Microsoft and Intel are uniting to build business ready versions of software on the Ethereum blockchain making for huge innovation in the financial services space.

    Ethereum uses a blockchain, often referred to as a distributed ledger, to record and execute transactions without the need of a middleman.

    This is a huge deal in the finance world!

    This machine is called a decentralized platform with payment automation that is ran across a computer network that gets updated instantly as any payment takes place.

    As you can see it’s not a basic crypto coin and will be leveraged in the financial technology space giving it added value and potential for skyrocketing increases.

    Ethereum’s blockchain can run smart contracts, or computer code written to carry out transactions automatically.

    So far smart contracts have been primarily used to run dApps also called decentralized applications such as Forsage and others.

    The smart contracts have been programmed to act as a sort of trophy, proving ownership. This is unique in the world of digital technologies, as it allows the owner of the said trophy to transfer ownership using the smart contract via the Ethereum blockchain.

    Want to know how to earn Eth daily?


    Due to the amount of positivity surrounding cryptocurrencies and the price of Ethereum rising so high, many are left wondering will Ethereum rise like Bitcoin did? and if so how high can the price of Ethereum go?

    Given the sporadic and often unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency it is a fact that investors want to know if an investment in Ethereum can make major returns or should they avoid a loss.

    The truth of the matter is there is NO definitive answer to give you. But the facts are laid out for you and as an investor you can make your own educated guess.

    Want to monitor the price of the coin and possibly take the plunge and buy in?

    Use this link and download the app!👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    You will get $25 USD just for signing up!!

    Ethereum is standing at the forefront of the decentralized finance (DeFi) boom and the use of Ethereum as a base for DeFi applications resulted in net demand for the token, which was clearly good for the price.

    Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by both market capitalization and daily volume.

    It is unlike Bitcoin, which was aimed solely at making financial transactions, the Ethereum blockchain was designed to do a lot more and had created lasting value.

    Institutional investors are using ETH as digital gold and holding the token for the long haul.

    Trading in the long term requires a lot of time and commitment if you want to see any serious profits. People that held Bitcoin will always say it was worth the wait and that they wish they had bought more. So if this is for you don’t miss the train because it could be headed to the moon!

    The cryptocurrency world is always awake and making tremendous waves! Welcome to the new digital world that without a doubt is on the rise!

    Disclaimer: None of what is found in this article should be considered investment advice. Much of the above analysis is based on already-released news, expected future developments, and pure speculation. While we can analyze what we have seen in the past, we can not predict the future. This article also may become out of date at some point and fail to reflect current, updated prices and information. Always do your own research before investing and always only invest what you can afford to lose!

  • Form Your Business Entity With Confidence

    Making a business is hard but read on and approach it confidently by self educating yourself and reviewing all options.

    Many people often talk about what businesses they wish to open and the dream is usually a vision of the successful end result. Several have written some goals down on how to accomplish opening that first business but the next step of actually rolling out a plan and executing it is what gives people cold feet.

    Forming the actual business into an LLC, sole proprietorship, or corporation and branding your business is what must be done to proceed with confidence.

    Educating yourself and making the right selection when forming your business entity is a vital step to getting your business on the right path to success.

    You can have all the ideas in the world but if we don’t take the initiative to take action you will surely stay in the idea phase.

    Avoiding that can be extremely simple but make sure you start off with a well researched idea that is ready to be brought to life.

    Here are three key things to research before forming your business:

    Who is your target market and audience?

    Who is considered your competition?

    Have you fully researched the market to understand the risk?

    Now that you have solidified your business idea make sure you know that you are stepping foot into uncharted territory and failure can be inevitable.

    Entrepreneurship is rocky and not for the weak, you can fail many times before you strike that one business that you nurse until it finally turns a profit.

    The quicker you realize this the better you will be able to adapt to the gains and losses of entrepreneurship.

    It is one big roller coaster ride of a journey but reap what you sow and you will have created something you can be so proud of!

    When building the foundation to a successful business you must be prepared to learn to survive in a forever changing environment. I cannot stress enough that you must constantly self educate to keep up with your market.

    Talking to an entrepreneur or small business owner before opening your business can also help you better understand that owning a business requires a lot of hard work and non stop dedication. An idea will never come to life without effort but if your willing to put the work in you will be introduced to a whole new type of freedom and reward.

    Logo creation and naming your business are important steps when getting established but what about the several steps in between?

    Forming your business structure is one of those steps that should not be taken lightly.

    Below are some suggestions to help you turn your idea into a legal entity.

    Determining which legal business structure to file for your company must be completed BEFORE registering your company. The business structure you choose will effect how you file taxes and how protected your assets are from debts and if a legal issue arises.

    Sole Proprietorship is suggested for people who wish to take on full responsibility for the finances and legal obligations of the business entirely.

    Meaning that this route can directly effect your personal credit and there will be no legal distinction or separate existence between the owner and the business entity. You can register as a sole proprietor for enhanced credibility and because it is one of the easiest businesses to set up. Unlike the LLC or corporations you do not need to register with the state.

    The individual that registers as a sole proprietor is responsible to report all profits and losses on their personal 1040 income tax return utilizing a schedule C which will be filed annually to the IRS.

    The owner can operate as an independent contractor, small business, or franchise owner, and file a fictitious firm name when choosing a name other then the owners to do business under.

    The name then becomes a trade name that is used under the owners name and does not create a separate entity. This simple structure is often chosen by millions for its low cost and easy set up.

    Many entrepreneurs will choose this route when first starting out and then graduate to a more complex business structure as the business foundation solidifies.

    In order to be a sole proprietor, you do not have to take any formal or legal steps at the federal, state, or local level in most cases but be sure to do your own due diligence.

    As long as you are the only owner, you automatically become a sole proprietor by conducting business and filing your taxes correctly at the end of the year.

    However depending on your circumstances and city guidelines you may need to register your business and obtain additional permits or licenses before conducting business.

    You are in control of your own destiny make sure you clearly understand your options before making your decision.

    If you want to enable yourself to gain important legal protection for your personal assets, without disturbing the management and income flow of your business look into registering your business as an LLC.

    If being a sole proprietor didn’t quite cover what you are expecting in your business and you plan to grow exponentially then an LLC might be the better way to go.

    I personally don’t want to be held liable for any and all business related obligations so I highly recommend considering the next option on our list which is filing your business as an LLC.

    The most obvious advantage to form your business entity as a limited liability company is so you can protect your personal assets from the business itself.

    This will protect against debts, claims, and lawsuits if they happen to arise.

    Running a business is full of unknowns so it’s better to be safe and protected ahead of time as you form and create your future business.

    Under an LLC you have tax flexibility and can choose and change the way you are taxed which can be very appealing to small business owners.

    LLCs can choose to be taxed like sole proprietorships, partnerships or corporations. But it’s important to understand the differences between them because the way your business is taxed can affect both your total tax bill and your obligation to pay self employment tax.

    If you only have one owner you will be classified and file your taxes as if you are a sole proprietor but will retain all the advantages and protection of an LLC and is referred to as a disregarded entity for tax purposes.

    Your income and expenses will continue to be reported on your individual 1040 income tax return utilizing a Schedule C.

    If you have more then one managing member you will be taxed as a partnership and the income will flow through to the members themselves. Meaning you will report your profits and losses on your personal tax returns. Specifically, an LLC that’s taxed like a partnership also needs to file Form 1065, an informational tax return that reports all of the partnership’s income and expenses.

    The partnership LLC also issues a Schedule K-1 to each LLC member, showing the member’s share of the LLC’s profit.

    Your LLC’s operating agreement should list each member’s percentage share of the LLC’s profits and losses. LLC members then report their share of profit or loss on Schedule E of their personal tax returns. The members of LLCs taxed as sole proprietorships or partnerships are considered to be self-employed for federal tax purposes.

    A great benefit of having “LLC” or “Limited Liability Company” in your business name can make your business seem somehow more official. It implies that the business is registered with the state and is somehow more substantial as a legal entity.

    This is proved great for business reputation, growth, and recognition.

    LLCs are great for small businesses because they can adapt to all situations.

    No matter whether you have 100 silent investors or are a two person small business operation. The LLC is flexible making it so you can pretty much write the operating agreement to suit your needs.

    You can make your own rules and tailor your entity to suit the intricacies of your business.

    When you first go into business, chances are your company won’t be profitable right away.

    Building up a business takes time, and in the first year, it’s possible to incur thousands of dollars in losses also known as your start up costs, so if you are eager to soften the financial blow of the startup phase, decide to form an LLC.

    With an LLC and its default partnership taxation, the losses of the business flow through to the members so that they can use them as deductions when filing taxes.

    This can be a major win for an entrepreneur because it offsets the owner’s other nonbusiness income and can also be used to put you in a lower tax bracket.

    I recommend choosing one of the options above, but if you wanted to further explore incorporating your business you would prepare and file a document called Articles of Incorporation and also file registration documents with your state.

    I don’t recommend going this route because of how much you need to do to maintain your corporation status.

    Corporations are required to issue stock, adopt by laws, hold annual director and shareholder meetings, keep minutes of meetings, issue written corporate resolutions for significant decisions, and file annual reports to the state government and pay annual fees.

    Failure to do these things can result in the loss of personal liability protection and dissolution of the corporation.

    All corporations begin as C corporations. A C corporation may be converted to an S corporation by filing IRS Form 2553 and electing to become an S Corp.

    Talk about complicating but if I were to choose one it would be an S Corp.

    For tax purposes C corporation profits are taxed, and are reported on the corporation tax return. Any after tax profits distributed to shareholders as dividends are taxed again, and are reported by the shareholders on their personal tax returns. This “double taxation” can be avoided by electing S corp status for your corporation.

    An S corp is treated similar to a sole proprietorship or a partnership. Meaning the profits or losses are passed through the S corp then to the shareholders and are only taxed to the shareholders and reported on their personal tax returns.

    If this seems like the way to go make sure you consult an accountant and business’s attorney to really weigh the pros and cons of both S Corp and C Corp and to make sure you set up your entity correctly.

    If you got this far you should now be fully aware of which business structure will fit your needs. When making your decision don’t be overwhelmed just take it step by step while taking action. You are in charge of the success of your new business proceed with caution but also be confident in the choice you make!

    Your ambition and consistency will carry you far and will help grow your business indefinitely!

  • Side Hustle Review: How To Make Money Leveraging An Ethereum Smart Contract on the Blockchain

    Utilize the Ethereum blockchain to create: Multiple Streams Of Income!!

    The Ethereum blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that are duplicated and distributed across an entire network. All of the worlds crypto currencies are hosted on the block chain.

    How can you capitalize on this work from phone opportunity?

    Watch this 5 minute video explaining how it works!

    The ultimate necessity for 2020 has been making sure that you have multiple sources of money coming in!!

    That’s right people don’t keep all of your eggs in one basket because so many unknowns can occur to even the most successful households.

    2020 has already been one big huge unknown for the whole world!!

    This opportunity is new and exciting and can be completely LIFE CHANGING for the right person!

    On November 13th 2020 I purchased my very own smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain and I am amazed at how this opportunity has changed my life and so many others!

    I made the decision to earn as I learn and become more familiar with how the crypto platform worked. We all start somewhere but as long as you start you will be well on your way to being successful.

    I was ecstatic to open up another form of income but just like everyone else I was also very skeptical and had no clue what I was doing. Several people called it a Ponzi scam or pyramid scheme but this didn’t stop me from doing my own due diligence and getting all the answers I needed to move forward.

    This right here is the real scam!!

    Always remember that you can make an amazing income with no company or boss needed.

    Start building your future by creating steps to reach your goals!

    Why it’s not a Ponzi scam 👇🏻👇🏻

    Why it’s not a pyramid scheme 👇🏻👇🏻

    People jumping in this industry are seeing major results extremely fast!

    High commissions paid out instantly to your phone! Life changing results in the palm of your hand by a peer to peer platform. This can be worked by anyone with the drive an motivation to get it done.

    The possibilities are endless with this platform and can be worked to help you obtain financial freedom!

    The amount of income you are able to earn in one day is seriously out of this world!! With work ethic and consistency anything is possible. If you are putting Christmas on a credit card this year you need to get moving and sign up!

    At the time when I signed up, Eth was only $460 per coin and rising fast! I purchased level 4 which had made me some amazing commissions!

    Today 1 Ethereum is now worth $593 as of December 13th 2020, quickly shooting back up from a dip after the coin reached its most recent peak of $617.99 on December 1st 2020.

    All commissions and profits you make grow as Ethereum grows and it is expected to skyrocket as it follows in Bitcoins footsteps. Ethereum is predicted to surpass Bitcoins value in the coming years making it crucial to start your crypto journey today!

    Not very many people can afford to jump on the Bitcoin train now since it’s worth a fluctuating $19,300 per coin. But if you jumped and invested in 2010 $100 bucks in Bitcoin would now be worth a whomping 75million! 🤯🤯

    Ethereum on the other hand is in the 2010 stage and expected to grow more rapidly then Bitcoin did.

    Day by day it gets more expensive to join and purchase the smart contracts so in this opportunity the sooner you jump the better!

    Choose a level you feel comfortable buying in at and keep in mind that you can always level up as you go. I wouldn’t recommend anything lower then level 3 but don’t let that stop you from starting.

    The higher the level the bigger the commissions will be and the bigger the overflows you will get.

    If you would like to watch how the Ethereum coin is performing use this link and download this app👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    You will get $25 USD just for signing up!

    You can then punch in the amount of Eth needed for each level to get the precise amount needed to join. Say you want to join into level 3. You would download the app and click Ethereum as if you are going to purchase and type in .5 Eth to see how much you will need.

    Here are the facts!

    There is no selling

    There is no P&P

    No compliance

    No 3rd party decides how much/when to pay you

    No returns

    No customer service issues

    No monthly autoship

    No quotas

    No time limits

    No commission clawbacks

    This is Legit Real Money Made at the Palm of your Hands!

    This is not a company it’s ONLY a platform

    Refer if you want to max YOUR potential

    Commissions w/ instant payouts

    Your levels are active in perpetuity

    You cannot lose a rank or become inactive

    Once you join the platform your levels will be active FOREVER!!

    You will continue to earn even if you don’t do anything via random spillover which can be found on the X4 box!

    These are my results from November 13th to December 11th! 🤯😭🔥

    How do you earn??

    Get your side hustle on and start today!

    4 Ways To Earn Money:

    💰Spillover – Random Money Deposited in your Token Wallet Instantly From People Earning Above You!

    💰Referral- Spreading the word to family and friends and giving them a chance to make money to!

    💰Overflow- From Your Equal and Lower Partners

    💰Ethereum Value Gains— When the price of Ethereum increases in value so does your money! 👈🏻

    Is this real money? A million times yes!

    This money is completely controlled by you!! No middle man! No bank holds! No waiting 3 to 5 days to get your money!

    You can transfer your profits and commissions to your bank account at any time! Or you can get the free no fee crypto debit card.

    All payments are instant and go directly to your token pocket wallet.

    The crypto debit card gives you fast access to your earnings and is spent just like cash!

    Ready to make some money??

    Email “Starting my crypto journey” in the subject line and your name in the body.

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    I will send you all the tools and training needed to succeed and will get you connected with a huge team to back you up. You will not be taking this journey alone we have 1000’s of people here to help and support you.

    Follow these steps 👇🏻👇🏻

    Download and get verified on the App.


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